Rafael Berber

Rafael Berber Loves the World, and he Writes about it

Rafael Berber - Spanish Programmer ,a World Traveller Home Based in the United Kingdom.

The Rafael Berber Travel Blog gives readers a glimpse into countries across the globe especially African countries. As a freelance software developer Berber is able to work from anywhere in the world all he needs is an internet connection and his laptop. He has written financial software in Kenya, worked on a complex database-driven application in the French Alps and helped develop a range of Sudoku apps from the Kruger National Park in South Africa. On every journey Rafael makes sure he has enough time travel around and become familiar with the place he is visiting. He believes that there is a lot to learn from every country and its people. Berber also loves food; trying local dishes in every country is at the top of his list on every trip.

Rafael Berbers Travel BlogRafael Berber travels to Africa

Every Country Has Its Own Heartbeat

Rafael Berber developed an overwhelming urge to see the world while he was studying for his degree. He started making international adventures a priority and has not looked back. Berber is constantly on the lookout for new places to explore and write about. He enjoys immersing himself in indigenous culture and loves to experience the local traditions of every place he visits. The African continent holds a special place in his heart, and he hopes to eventually visit every African country at least once.

Heartfelt Journeys, Unique Insights

Berber is not interested in only exploring what the travel agencies promote or experiencing only the typical sights and scenes. Because he enjoys discovering areas of countries that are outside the conventional tourist routes, his travel blog brings readers unique insights into every destination. Rafael Berber is a traveller on a mission to find the very heart of every country, and to share his discoveries with his readers.


Rafael Berber Continent Hopper and Coder

World traveller and freelance programmer Rafael Berber spends a lot of time behind a computer screen writing code, and even more time on foreign shores and in airports around the world. Born in Salamanca in Spain, Berber spent his early years alternating time between football fields and his local library. He enjoyed exploring the world of technology and decided to formulate a career out of this love. After school he enrolled at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid and achieved a BA in Computer Science and Engineering. During this time Rafael Berber learned not only how to programme, but also that he is really passionate about experiencing other countries.

An Urge to Explore Foreign Shores

After working for a local software firm for three years, Rafael Berber moved to the UK where he joined Burgundy IT Solutions and gained further experience in his field. He also made valuable contacts in the industry and was soon able to start offering his services in a freelance capacity the ideal way of working for somebody with a thirst for travel. Berber is engaged to fellow travel loving freelancer Anastasia Sabbatini, and the couple share a home in London when they are not plying their respective trades from foreign shores across the globe. Rafael Berber enjoys football, running, food and blogging about his travel experiences.